A Bootlegger With A Cause

Terry Mulligan wants to challenge a ban on the interprovincial transportation of liquor.

I read this article, and I sincerely support what he is doing.

A former video jockey turned wine journalist is making a run for the border on Friday in order to challenge the Prohibition-era law banning the transportation or sale of wine and other liquors across provincial borders.

via Former VJ Mulligan defies cross-border wine ban – British Columbia – CBC News

We need to revise our liquor laws in Canada, and hopefully this story will spread.

I like this story on a personal note, not just because I recall watching Terry Mulligan during his days as a VJ at MuchMusic, but also because the sooner we get rid of these archaic liquor laws than it will be easier for producers and customers to buy their favourite wine, mead, spirit or beer from across the country.

We need to make more noise, share this article if you support repealing Canada’s prohibition-era liquor laws.