Do Movie Producers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Blade Runner (Harrison Ford)

Blade Runner Sequel (or Prequel) in Development Now.

I am really torn about this news.

I remember being excited about hearing the news about the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, but I was somewhat disappointed with the movie itself.

About a year ago, I heard the news that there are plans to make a single movie based on Asimov’s original Foundation Trilogy *** cringes uncontrollably ***

Given the rather poor track record of translating previous stories of Asimov to the screen, I could be forgiven my low expectation for this project.  The movie I, Robot was based on a short story, but too much creative license was taken in that case.

Which is my main point, creating a screen play and movie ambience that captures the essence of story, is very difficult and nuanced.

Fans of Lord of the Rings were upset that huge swaths of that trilogy would have to be omitted, but not many people complain about the final product.  In fact, it almost certainly inspired individuals who had not previously read the works of Tolkien (or who had and wanted to read them again), to pick up a copy and read with relish.  I also wouldn’t be surprised that if this didn’t result in some kind feedback process with those who read the books then watched the movie, and then read the books again, compounding their enjoyment each time.

This is a very rare example, to the point that my reaction to the news above will undoubtedly be replicated countless times.

So is the problem with screenwriters, producers or directors?  I’m sure this could set off a firestorm of debate, and perhaps to stoke the embers I will throw in a small amount of accelerant.  I think the problem is the lack of imaginative producers, and the rampant risk averse culture contribute to lacklustre output.  Better screenwriters, actors/actresses and directors can always be found, but only if the producer understands what the story means to the culture.

In the case of news article, the production company says they have long term plans for the franchise and don’t want to limit themselves to just one medium.  ***  facepalm ***

Maybe I am being too cynical here, but why do I see this failing horribly?

“Fiery the angels fell …”


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